Silk Plants are Better than Ever

Find the Widest Selection of Premium, Cost Saving Silk Botanicals at OfficeScapesDirect

WHITE PLAINS, N.Y., March 30, 2011 - For today's office and business décor, decorating with artificial flowers, plants and trees - if you can find quality ones - is a smart business decision. Thanks to recent improvements in their technology, now more than ever before, the everlasting beauty of silk botanicals is used to brighten commercial spaces. And now there is a trusted source for these premium products at very affordable prices: OfficeScapesDirect.

"Today's quality silk botanicals are absolutely amazing compared to ten, even five, years ago," Interior Designer Cathy Hobbs, ASID/LEED AP, said. "You just have to know where to find them since the market is still saturated with mediocre products that are a far cry from looking real. Fortunately, OfficeScapesDirect makes it easier than ever to have the highest quality silk botanicals delivered directly to businesses, with very easy set-up."

Before OfficeScapesDirect, the challenge for businesses has been finding top-notch silks without paying a pretty penny for custom creations. As the nation's premier supplier of designer-quality silk botanicals for business interiors and commercial spaces, OfficeScapesDirect offers the widest selection and inventory anywhere of creative designs to complement business décor of all styles. Through the website, shoppers can browse hundreds of affordable arrangements online as well as an extensive variety of plants and trees. The company also has a seasonal catalog that can be requested through its website.

So what sets premium silks apart from the rest? "Simple," Hobbs said. "They truly look and feel real. It all starts with the selection of the most natural looking flower and foliage stems and it ends with the design expertise in creating a finished product." Today's stems are artfully molded to replicate nature's imperfections like twisted bark and the bumps and lumps of newly forming buds on a branch. Petals and leaves are airbrushed by hand to achieve the intricate, complex colors of fresh flowers and plants. Even the texture of silk botanicals has improved with petals and leaves realistically feeling soft and velvety. "OfficeScapesDirect offers only these high quality products. It's wonderful to finally have an affordable source we can trust."

OfficeScapesDirect estimates if a company spends $80 per week on fresh flowers for its lobby or reception area 52 weeks of a year, its total flower bill over seven years would be an eye-opening $29,120. Compare this to one stylish silk arrangement for $150 that lasts seven years or more. An investment of four such arrangements to rotate quarterly would amount to still only $600 over seven years, saving a dramatic $28,520.

"Silk botanicals are a décor essential for businesses," Hobbs added. "You can't beat their cost-savings, plus they're virtually maintenance-free. No more monthly fees from live plant services for watering plants, cleaning up fallen leaves, and freshening up flowers in vases."

Silk floral arrangements by OfficeScapesDirect range in size from small eight-inch stylish bud vases (a perfect accent for desk tops, coffee tables or hotel rooms) to impressive five-feet-tall centerpieces for large lobbies and reception areas. The company also offers a great selection of artificial trees (palm, bamboo, ficus, to name a few) and seemingly endless varieties of faux plants and grasses, ideal for brightening up hallways, file cabinets, book shelves and cubicles.

Tim Hennessy, co-founder of OfficeScapesDirect, said: "Our products are handmade in our own factory in Cincinnati, Ohio, by our design team that has more than 30 years of experience arranging silk and fresh flowers. We select a wide array of realistic materials for our designers to work with, including beautiful vases and containers. Our customer service is excellent, too, and we expertly package our products to arrive in perfect shape for easy display right out of the box. For businesses wanting designer-quality silk botanicals at reasonable prices, OfficeScapesDirect really is the best source."