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OfficeScapesDirect FAQ and Silk Flower Information

Your questions answered

Are OfficeScaoesDirect products really made of silk?
Many years ago artificial flowers and plants were made from actual silk. But today's quality "silk" flowers, plants and trees - including those at OfficeScapesDirect - are made from synthetic fibers that are heat pressed into molds remarkably resembling live petals, leaves, grasses, stems and bark. The molded components are assembled by hand and painted individually by artisans for maximum realism.

Who designs OfficeScapesDirect floral arrangements?
All Silkflowers.com arrangements are created and hand-assembled in Cincinnati, OH, by a talented team of professional floral designers with more than 30 years of experience. The company selects a wide array of realistic materials for its designers to work with, including beautiful vases and containers.

How are OfficeScapesDirect arrangements and plants packaged?
Silkflowers.com prides itself in ensuring that its products arrive in perfect condition for immediate enjoyment. The company expertly packages every item using its proprietary methods to not only prevent damage but to allow for minimal set-up. Most products are ready to display right out of the box.

Can OfficeScapesDirect products be sent as gifts?

Most certainly. Silk flowers, plants and trees make wonderful gifts. After all, if you're going to send flowers, why have them die?  Fresh cut flowers last only days but silk gives everlasting beauty to your special someone. When purchased as a gift, OfficeScapesDirect products include a gift card with a personalized message from the sender.

How do I clean and maintain OfficeScapesDirect arrangements and plants?
OfficeScapesDirect plants require very little maintenance. Feather dust periodically as part of normal home or office cleaning and apply Silk Flower & Plant Cleaner to floral arrangements periodically. Silkflowers.com also recommends saving original shipping cartons to store seasonal arrangements.

What is the clear substance in the bottom of the vases that looks like water?
Many of OfficeScapesDirect designs are created using the company's special hardened "crystal clear acrylic water" which creates the illusion of fresh cut stems in water.

Do I need to order a container for OfficeScapesDirect plants and trees?
Silkflowers.com offers a wide variety of stylish containers but they are optional. All Silkflowers.com floor plants and trees arrive potted in a non-decorative paper-mache liner that's suitable for placement inside any container. When a Silkflowers.com decorative container is purchased with a silk plant or artificial tree, unless specified otherwise, items arrive securely potted in the container and topped with lush preserved green moss.