Silk & Artificial Tabletop Plants

Tabletop Silk Plants -  Carefree permanent plants, no green thumb required! Inspired by nature, crafted by hand from

Carefree permanent plants enliven your interior space as well as lift everyone's spirit. We especially designed our line of artificial tabletop and shelf plants for the bare surfaces in your office and home. It's easy to add a touch of warmth and a spot of natural color to bookcases, file cabinet tops, and reception counters; wherever you want to improve employee morale and enhance the client experience. They also are a creative way to prevent clutter accumulation on unused surfaces. Whether you prefer a silk ivy or fern, an artificial succulent or palm, or a faux grass design, no matter how we describe them, they are all lifelike, carefree renderings of nature's beauty. And as with everything we create, they're backed by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.