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Large Silk Trees (8' - 14')

Handcrafted 8’ to 14’ tall artificial trees provide an affordable solution for empty vertical spaces.

Available in a range of heights from 8-feet up to a towering 14-feet, our permanent silk trees feature lifelike silk foliage branches on natural wood tree trunks. Our tree artisans handcraft wonderful artificial specimens, such as Ficus, Bamboo, Birch, Alder, and Ming Aralia, to fill empty vertical space with rich, lush, natural beauty. Large designer quality silk trees provide a beautiful décor solution for areas with high ceilings and lofty open spaces. They also are an affordable interior landscaping alternative to costly, high maintenance live trees.

The OfficeScapesDirect Difference

Not all silk plants, silk trees, and silk floral designs are the same quality. We believe our products are superior to others because of our special attention to detail!

We start by sourcing the most lifelike silk flowers and artificial foliages enabling our talented designers to create silk floor plants, tabletop plants, and hanging silk plants that are true to nature; silk trees, such as ficus on natural wood trunks, palm, and bamboo, that are full and lush; and gorgeous silk floral arrangements, including centerpieces, orchid designs, and seasonal gifts, that will add charm and elegance to any office or home. Notice the shape and form of the different leaves in our silk plants, as well as the variation in leaf color, and the abundant quantity of leaves, in our silk trees.

Admire the subtle transition in color on the stems and flower petals in our silk floral arrangements. Our attention to detail is also evident in our skillful design and hand-assembly of all our silk plants, silk trees, and silk floral designs. We blend a respect for nature’s ways with thoughtful observance of design principles to assure you receive a product that is most pleasing to the eye in color, shape, and form.

Finally, all of our silk plants, silk trees, and silk floral arrangements are packaged with the utmost of care, to assure safe delivery to your door, and your satisfaction is always backed by our unconditional guarantee.

We encourage you to take a closer look… THE DIFFERENCE IS IN THE DETAIL!